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Full-Time Staff in Viet Nam

L.O.V.E. is very happy to introduce to you those who God has sent to serve with us in this ministry.

Nguyen Ngoc Nha Ca
is God’s handiwork and Jesus Christ is her Lord. She lives with her family in Da Nang city. Nha Ca has worked with L.O.V.E. since 2014 after graduating with her Bachelor of International Studies Degree. She started as our Coordinator of the G4kids Sponsorship Projects and the City-Wide Student Home Programs. From November 2019, she has been appointed to be L.O.V.E.’s Director in Vietnam.
Nha Ca loves all works at L.O.V.E. to express God’s Goodness and Love, for she believes she is created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for her to do.
Nguyen Nam Phuong
comes to us from Hoi An, a resort town about 30 km from Da Nang. Phuong is the son of a pastor and worked in a 5 star hotel before coming to L.O.V.E. His favorite quote “People do good things to be saved but we Christians are saved to do good things”.
As a L.O.V.E. Representative, he serves as a translator as well as in field service. Phuong’s ministry gift is helps (1 Cor 12:28) and he loves to help others.

Phuong's YouTube videos of L.O.V.E.:

Nguyen Truong Ha Mi
used to live in our Ruth House as a university student. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in accounting at University of Economy. She had a year of experience working as an accountant before leaving for working contrary to her professional background because the accounting job at the previous company was not transparent. After that, she prayed and looked for a better accounting job and the chance to share God's love. Then the Lord brought her to L.O.V.E.
Ha Mi has taken over L.O.V.E.'s Accounting position as well as Assistant of US Sponsorship Program since January 2020.
Nhu Xuan
Tran Nhu-Xuan
Nhu-Xuan loves children and has been involved in teaching children at her church for many years. After working two jobs related to economics after university's graduation, she asked God to give her a chance to work in a Christian environment and have more opportunities to live as Christ's testimony. She is God's choice to work at L.O.V.E and has worked full time here since 2021 with the role of a Coordinator of G4Kids Sponsorship Project in Hoa Khanh Nam, Central Districts and in charge of new profiles. She is enjoying what she is doing at L.O.V.E because she not only considers it as work but also as a joy to serve others as God's teachings.
Thi Ha
Nguyen Thi Ha
Ha received help from L.O.V.E's sponsorship program for many years. She also wants to help children in similar situations as hers. That's why she studied Social Work at Danang University of Education. She is grateful to God that she had the opportunity to intern and work part-time for a year at L.O.V.E in 2022. Then in 2023, she officially became a Coordinator of the L.O.V.E Sponsorship Project in Ngu Hanh Son, Hoa Tien, and other areas in Quang Nam. In addition, she also works with HOPE fund activities to help the elderly, poor people, and disabled people in poor mountainous areas.
Le Nguyen Minh Huy
Huy graduated from the University of Technology and spent his initial four years out of college on his skills in various technical roles. However, a burning desire to help needy families and poor children at his heart. Seeking guidance, Huy turned to prayer. The answer, he felt, came powerfully, leading him to a calling far greater than his technical expertise. With unwavering faith, he embraced this new path and found himself at L.O.V.E Today, Huy serves as a Coordinator for the G4Kids Sponsorship Project in Son Tra, Hoa Tien and other areas in Quang Nam. He is also in charge of visits and new cases. He is deeply grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of those in need.

L.O.V.E.'s International Board of Directors

(all volunteers)

L.O.V.E.'s President, Alan Brown, and our Prayer Leader, Sally McKee-Brown are Christians with a big heart for the kingdom of God. The Browns have served on L.O.V.E. ’s Board of Directors since 2009. Prior to becoming President, Alan was Vice President for a year and treasurer for 12 years. Mr. Alan has earned the respect of those he works with, and we are confident that his leadership will continue to fulfill L.O.V.E.‘s mission and vision. Alan and Sally live in Virginia with their two daughters whom they adopted from Vietnam.

Dr. Alan Brown
and Sally McKee-Brown
President /Treasurer
and Prayer Leader
Click here for a message from Dr. Brown

Tina is our Communications Director and Webmaster. She handles all our stateside communications (letters, phone calls, etc.), and designed and operates our website, among other duties. She is Mr. Reggie's oldest daughter and resides in North Carolina with her family, including a beautiful daughter they adopted from Vietnam.

Tina Taylor Communications Director

Joseph's first encounter with L.O.V.E. was through the sponsorship program after learning of the ministry's work in Vietnam through its website. In the months that followed, Joseph and his family had the opportunity to visit Reggie in Da Nang and was impressed by the Lord to continue supporting L.O.V.E. 's efforts. Joseph resides in sunny Singapore and is married to his lovely wife, Elina. They are blessed with 2 wonderful children, Hannah and Benjamin.

Joseph Toh Singaporean Advisor

Jay is a retired American who served three years in Viet Nam during “the war”, worked 35 years as a home building and repair contractor, and a discipler of Jesus Christ who on occasions travels to various parts of the world to minister the Word of God (when God sends him). He now spends all night discipling believers world-wide through the internet and telephone, sending books and supplies to those who have no way of obtaining them otherwise. He has been supporting a family through L.O.V.E. for many years and he and his wife would love to return to VN for a second time of fellowship with them.

Jay Marion Member

Other Board Members and references available upon request.


Pictured here in 2019 with one of his
daughter's sponsored children.

Our Founder,

Mr. Reggie Coward

After being a missionary to Southeast Asian refugees in Pensacola, Florida from 1982 to 2000, he was called by God during his first visit to Vietnam in 1998. He moved to Vietnam in 2000 and founded LOVE to help the poor and needy in Central Vietnam. LOVE was accepted as an NGO and opened an office in Da Nang in 2003.

You can see more of his story on our "About Us" page.
Reggie went to be with the Lord in 2021.

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