Jonathan's House

Area: Son Tra, Danang

For: Boys

House provides: 2 bedrooms, kitchen, toilet w/shower

School Level: University

Number in the house: 4

Rent for house: $120 (boys pay $32)

Utilities: $35 electric, water, internet (boys pay)

Reserve fund**: $10 - $15

LOVE’s fee of 10%: $11

Sponsor pays: $110

LOVE has provided:

Fans, electric rice cooker

Students provide:

Laptop, motorbike, bicycles

This house needs:

Pray for their studies and good health, pray for finding a sponsor

About the students:

  • Nguyen Chau A – Quang Nam Province – 3rd of 4 years at Da Nang University - Economics

  • Ha Thien Phu – Phu Yen Province – 1st of 4 years at Dong A University  – Japanese Language

  • Hiep – Gia Lai Province – 1st year of 4 years at Dong A University  – Automotive Engineering Technology

  • Pyem – Gia Lai – 1st year of 4 years at Central College of Transport  -  Automotive Engineering Technology

Note from L.O.V.E.: These 4 students come from different provinces and poor families. Two of them belong to ethnic group. They want to stay in the house to reduce the financial burdens for their family, have a good environment of study and also a place where they can build their faith stronger.
**Reserve fund pays for house furnishings, repairs, Christian training camps, outreach programs, etc.  
Updated 4/2022