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When you receive this, we will have completed our first medical mission. Dr. Kim Pascual, Director of Operation Blessings, Philippines, has just arrived in Da Nang. In three days, the rest of the team of eye specialists will arrive. Today, we learned that Vietnam Airlines will donate free airfare to the doctors, which will free up additional funds for medical care. This means operations and treatment for 200 people instead of the 100. We are all so excited. There are over 200 extremely poor people already signed up, and the screening has already begun.

Pictured above with the big smile is Dr. Kim when she came to Da Nang in November.

Above is Nguyen Ha, who is my contact in Da Nang. She made all of the arrangements to meet with government hospital officials in Da Nang and Ky.


Please pray for each of the patients in Da Nang:

1. That they will see Jesus in all the workers.
2. That they will acknowledge Jesus as healer and savior.
3. That none will have complicaitons.

Also pray for the 40 foot container of surgical gloves to be shipped soon to the hospitals in Tam Ky, Hue, and Da Nang.
Next, pray for the medical mission to Nha Trang in April. The Ministry of Health is very pleased, but we are getting some problems from other government agencies. Please pray that God would keep this door open.

News Flash! Great news. We just learned that Vietnam Airlines will give free airfare to the doctors from the Philippines to Da Nang. This will free up additional funds so that we will be able to treat twice as many people. Over 200 have signed up, and we hope to treat all of these. Our original goal was 100. Praise the Lord!

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Jesus' servant in Vietnam,
Reggie Coward

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