Dear Friends of L.O.V.E.,


We have received a request  from a pastor in Quang Ngai, Vietnam. LOVE supporters have helped this church for several summers now.

This year, their vision has greatly increased, as their program has greatly increased. This outreach is mainly to minority children.

Maybe 2-3 of you can pay for the food, one for the awards, several to help with gifts, others to help with books, and someone to provide gas for the teachers. Any excess will be used for other outreach programs.

Put “summer outreach” on your donation.


Here are some details of the amount they need:

  1. Food:                     250 kidsx 26.000 vnd x 2 days = $600

  2. Awards;                 30 kids x 20.000 vnd                =     30

  3. Gifts;                    250 kids x 10.000 vnd               =    114

  4. Books for kids:      250 kids x 25.000 vnd              =   285

  5. Transport for 4 teachers                                      =      36

TOTAL AMOUNT:                                                         $1065


They hope we can help with a part of it or whatever we can.

Thank you!

Your L.O.V.E. Team