Nguyen Thi Mai


Cam Le, Da Nang


2000, April 4



Favorite subject:


Desired profession:

Christian translator

Father's Occupation:

Bricklayer (foster father)

Mother's Occupation:


The family doesn’t accept her anymore because of her faith in Jesus. The family kicked her out of their house since last March. She is a disabled person, her right hand is shaking and her tongue speaks hard.  Because of her disability, she couldn't get any part-time job besides selling lottery tickets every day ( but she couldn’t do this job for 3 months because of Covid-19).

She likes studying English and she wants to become a Christian translator, translating Christian books into Vietnamese. It is a dream and a future career that she could do. She is trying to studying English at home. She needs a helping hand for her English courses and needs.

$150 is highly recommended. You can support this young woman and her dream with this amount every month.